Mysterious Girlfriend X:  A Taste of Things to Come

Posted by: Rai | May 11, 2012






Ever been so infatuated with someone that even the scent of their cologne/perfume can turn you head over heels?  Well this is like that, but a lot more gross.  Mysterious Girlfriend X is here to make you question the limits of your desires, and how far you think you'd go know.


This week Mysterious Girlfriend X makes its debut on the AN Online Player.  Not your normal love story...actually this is not even close to that.  It would be more accurate to call this a--well, I'm not too sure, but it's here nonetheless!  Just when you thought anime couldn't get any weirder....

Mysterious Girlfriend X

Mikoto Urabe odd one. As a fresh transfer student into Akira Tsubaki's class, it's expected for her to be shy at first; what he gets instead is an anti-social loafer that carries scissors in her underwear and breaks out in insane fits of laughter! An innocent kiss throws Tsubaki for a loop, when he discovers that he has become curiously enamored (or addicted) to Urabe, and she knows JUST what to do with him. With a new toy to play with, there's no telling what's in store for Tsubaki, as "swapping spit" takes on a whole new meaning in Mysterious Girlfriend X!

Mysterious Girlfriend X ep. 1 is now available to watch on AN Online completely free and in HD!





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...all premiere throughout the week next week!  You will essentially be getting a new show a day, so try not to miss them!  Personally, I'm waiting on Kids on the Slope the most, should be a great little show!  What will be your favorite, I wonder?  Find out next week!



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Thursday May 17

[Coming Soon] Queen's Blade: Rebellion ep. 1 - Warrior of the Resistance (NEW!)


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