Ahoy there!  sorry, had to do it.  This week marks the premiere of Bodacious Space Pirates, the latest hit series from Satelight Studios.  To mark this special occasion, we put out a little Valentine's Day Card Contest.  A bunch of you guys sent us your submissions (awesome job!), but only one was picked unanimously by the AN Crew.  You can find the winning card HERE.  Save it and use it next year, or this year if you may have forgotten V-Day. ;_;

Anyway, if you're not familiar with the show (though the name alone should give you reason to watch it), here's some info to get you started:

Bodacious Space Pirates

Marika is living the normal life of a teenage girl in space: attending her school's yacht club, keeping up with the latest trends, and working part time at the Cafe Lamp. One day can change a lot, however, and Marika is about to find out first hand the horrors of life interrupted. Not only was her late father a notorious space pirate, but he was also the Captain of the equally notorious Benten Maru! What's worse, she's just inherited his position and the pirate's life that comes with it. Join Marika and her crew for a swashbuckling adventure through the galaxy, where crude turns to cute and mini-skirts are mandatory in Bodacious Space Pirates!

Bodacious Space Pirates ep. 1 - Pirates Coming Through is now available to watch, commercial free and in HD


Bits & Pieces


•  Rozen Maiden is now done, with this week's episode capping off the first season.  You wont have to wait long to continue the story, though, because Rozen Maiden Traumend is just around the corner!

Sentai Filmworks is on a spree, with no end in sight, announcing the licensing of Fate/Stay Night:  Unlimited Blade Works this week.

Sentai announced its May slate this week.  Check out what all will be on sale come May!

Reviews this week: Broken Blade Complete Collection Blu, Samurai Girls Complete Collection DVD, Hell Girl:  Two Mirrors Complete Collection DVD,The World God Only Knows Complete Collection Blu

Cover Art Releases this week: Psychic Squad Collection 1, Planzet, Gintama: The Movie, GetBackers Complete Collection, The Book of Bantorra Collection 1, Guin Saga:  Complete Collection




Anime Network Online:  New This Week

Friday February 17

[Watch] Amagami SS ep. 23 - Pride

[Watch] Broken Blade ep. 3 - Scars from an Assassin's Blade

[Watch] ef~Tale of Memories ep. 5 - outline

[Watch] Himawari, Too! ep. 4 - There's a Fine Line Between Attacking and Defending

[Watch] Kobato ep. 22 - ...Day to Say Goodbye

[Watch] Modern Magic ep. 11 - Quick and Dirty

[Watch] Persona 4 ep. 19 - It's School Festival Day, Time to Have Fun!

[Watch] Rozen Maiden ep. 12 - Pure Ruby

[Watch] The World God Only Knows ep. 6 - I'm Ordinary?


Tuesday February 21

[Coming Soon] Bodacious Space Pirates ep. 2 -The Power of a Pirate


Wednesday February 22

[Coming Soon] Phi Brain ep. 20 - The Speeding Challenger


Thursday February 23

[Coming Soon] Another ep. 3 - Bone Work


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